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HammerCase™ - Versatile intelligence

The showcase is equipped with intelligent technology.  All showcases can be custom tailored to fit your needs.
We recommend that you discuss all options with your security contractor as due to security reasons we will only list some of the possibilities offered by HammerCase™ 
A showcase that is part of the security infrastructure
The HammerCase™ is equipped with several sensors and has a intelligent lock. 
The showcase can be integrated to virtually any existing infrastructure and therefore it does not matter if you ase a customer are serviced by Securitas, ISS, G4S or some other security company.
Here are some of the features that can be activated:
- Monitoring the case when lock is activated or when the showcase is disturbed
- Notification to Security company, owner, police when case is disturbed
- Option of installing a siren 
- Option of installing flashing lights
- Option of applying user profiles
- Time lock adjustment
- Adding and removing users
- Security measure adjustment by time-frame
- Service quality surveillance 
- Consumer behavior analysis
- And several other security measures and options
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