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HammerCase™ - Standard & Custom design

To save end-customer costs and in order to improve service speed, HammerCase™ is available in two widths;
900 mm (~2 ft. and 11,433 in.) and 1 300 mm (~4 ft. and 3,18 in.).
The standard colour schemes are white-white, white-black and white-wood as seen to the right. 
The upper section of the showcase is both EN 14450 and EN 356 certified. The bottom half is a non-certified module. 
You can order the module with either drawers or doors, according to your preference.
By using standard solutions and coded parts we can ensure fast change of damaged surfaces and/or post-hoc renovation.
Customizable security
All showcases can be connected to existing security infrastructure according to your needs as a customer. CCTV and proximity alerts being a few of the options that can be chosen. Read more about the security features on our page "Versatile intelligence". 
Full customization
Hammercase™ can be ordered in completely customizable colour scheme. The delivery time and pricing of customized colours depend on amount, colour and other preferences. Please contact us for a quota.
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