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HammerCase™ - Unbreakable security 

The HammerCase™ is a vitrine/showcase designed for use where smash & grab thefts and quick-strike burglaries are a common risk.
The HammerCase™ glass is lighter than toughened or laminated glass in according to the EN 356 P8B standard
the showcase in it self is certified in the EN 14450 standard for secure storage units.
In laymans terms this means:
- The glass of the showcase will withold over 70 strikes with an axe, a crowbar, baseball bat, etc.
- The glass will withhold over two minutes of cutting with a grinder, drilling or leverage.
- The showcase in itself withholds grinding tools, crowbars and other common burglary tools for at least two minutes.
- The lock is classified according to EN 1300 and therefore withstands lock picking and requires both pin code and tag for access.
HammerCase™ - a part of the security infrastructure
by visiting our page "Versatile Intelligence" you can find out some of the means in which the showcase can seamlessly be connected to other security products and services used on site.
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