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HammerCase™ - Models 

There are several models of the HammerCase™, as standard solutions for the white-white, white-black and white-wood models we deliver upper, sertified showcase solutions with:
- One glass solutions: Front with transparent sliding doors
- Two glass solutions: where front is transparent with sliding doors and back is a one piece transparent sheet
- Three glass solutions: Front with transparent sliding doors, sides made of transparent sheets
- Four glass solutions: where all sides are transparent. Also with one sliding door front
Lower module
- Three drawers and a sliding shelf
- Two doors and a sliding shelf
We offer separate security level showcase models in different price ranges:
Hammercase Basic  This showcase model has unbreakable and shatterproof Hammerglass, a pin + regular lock. The model is sertified in accordance to EN 356 P 8B. It has an stand-alone En 1300 Certfied Pin + Tag lock.

Hammercase Basic +  This model offers an Intelligent EN 1300 lock where silent alarm is a standard feature. It is otherwise similar to the Basic -model.



Strong This Patented model fulfills the EN 14450 S1 standard, but is not certified in accordance to it. The vitrine has a unbreakable, shatterproof and drilling & angle cutter resistant Hammerglass. The vitrine has a stand-alone EN 1300 Lock and EN 356 P 8B sertified glass.


Strong + This model offers the same options as the regular Strong model and adds a intelligent EN 1300 lock with Silent alarm and vibration alert as standard features.  


Deluxe Our flagship model, this showcase is certified in accodance to EN 14450 S1 (Safe storage unit), EN 356 P8 (Security glass) and EN 1300 (Security lock). The Deluxe has an intelligent lock that offers several user options, such as silent alarm, vibration alert, customized time delay and user profiles and many other features*.


*Visit our Versatile inteligence page for more info.



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