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HammerCase™ - Availability & prices 

The HammerCase™ Basic & Strong models will be available from end of June in 2016.
We recommend purchasing HammerCase™ as a part of your whole security package. 
Most security companies offer  service packages where the showcase
and security functions are tailored to your unique customer needs.
Multinational security companies such as Securitas, ISS and G4S should be able to give
you a quota on the product. We also deliver to small-scale security companies if that is
your preference.
Contact us or  your local security company for an offer.
Hammercase Basic  This showcase model has unbreakable and shatterproof Hammerglass,
a pin + regular lock. The model is sertified in accordance to EN 356 P 8B. It has an stand-alone
En 1300 Certfied Pin + Tag lock. Prices starting at 4 992 € 

Hammercase Basic +  This model offers an Intelligent EN 1300 lock where silent alarm is a 

standard feature. It is otherwise similar to the Basic -model. Prices starting at 6 830 €



Strong This Patented model fulfills the EN 14450 S1 standard, but is not certified in

accordance to it. The vitrine has a unbreakable, shatterproof and drilling and

angle cutter resistant Hammerglass. The vitrine has a stand-alone EN 1300 Lock

and EN 356 P 8B sertified glass. Prices starting at 7 370 €


Strong + This model offers the same options as the regular Strong model and adds

an intelligent EN 1300 lock with Silent alarm and vibration alert as standard features.  

Prices starting at 7 675 €


Deluxe Our flagship model, this showcase is certified in accodance to EN 14450 S1

(Safe storage unit),EN 356 P8 (Security glass) and EN 1300 (Security lock).

The Deluxe has an intelligent lock that offers several user options, such as

a silent alarm, vibration alert, customized time delay and user profiles and many other features

Prices starting at 7 980 €

Value added tax and shipment will be added to final prices in quotation.
You can get a quotation by e-mailing us or giving us a phone call.
Office hrs: UTC + 2hr. 9 AM - 4 PM
We also offer completely customized vitrines or refurbishments of existing vitrines,
ask for quotation.
anton.salmi(at) /// +358 (0) 50 325 6996
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